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PME Group

Making a difference in Asia.

We are a highly passionate and ambitious, team-oriented group of professionals. Our team consists of leading experts within the fields of Management Consultancy, Strategy & Marketing and now we have successfully expanded into the world of Sport.  With around 50% of the worlds population living in Asia, the Asian region represents a dynamic and an ever growing base of opportunity. 


We successfully use our skills and competencies every day to deliver high-quality services to our customers and to our partners. Driven by our mission to develop people and for organisations to reach their full potential, our team possesses a deep interest in the people and the companies we serve. And today we partner with some of the most sucecssful organisations in their field.


We are very excited to roll out all of these enterprises. 


PME International

PME International was formed in 2008. Our focus has always been to provide insightful knowledge and direction in order to help our customers grow and develop. 

Offering Partnership platforms and Teaming arrangements, our customers know they're in safe hands. PME has worked in some of the most competitive and challenging environments on behalf of our customers. 

If you are looking for a market advantage - talk to PME today.

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The world of Business and Sport are entwined and it is with the same philosophy that we proudly created Sportzplanet - Asia's leading Sports Consultancy. 

We help you do business in Asia. Have you ever considered to bring your team, your organization into Asia. This is the worlds fastest growing consumer market. Let us help you capitalize on the opportunities that exist.

We are Asia's most dynamic sports advisors

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